Free Iran Gathering in Paris, short speech by Dr Alejo Vidal-Quadras

Dear Friends:

It is a great please to be another year with you to celebrate this big gathering.

First of all I would like to send my best greetings to all PMOI members who came from Camp Liberty to Albania. This is the first time we are together in this gathering with no concern about the safety of Ashrafis and this is excellent news.

Their safe transfer to Albania last year was a great achievement and a strategic defeat for the mullahs’ regime who were planning to massacre all of them. These heroes stood up in hardest times against the Iranian regime and they are an example for the Iranian people, for the commitment to freedom, to democracy and to equality between men and women.

My dear friends, my dear Ashrafis, you are the real symbols for us today and I feel that fighting together with you against this totalitarian regime in all these years has given all of us a new meaning in our lives.

Every day we witness more victories for the Iranian resistance. The great meeting today is a clear example that the National Council of Resistance of Iran under the presidency of Maryam Rajavi is real alternative to the mullahs and our only real chance for a democratic change in Iran. Western governments should recognise it and dialogue and cooperate with the NCRI because the regime has no future and does not have support inside Iran.

The only way the regime keeps in power is repression and terror. If the Iranian people could express their will without constraint, the regime will not last for one minute.

The recent joint statement of 265 members of the European Parliament was a clear indication that European lawmakers are concerned about human rights and women rights in Iran. They have also called for the Revolutionary Guards to be in the terrorist list. It is time that the true terrorists are in the list.

If we really believe in our principles, we must understand that if give up these principles for short term economic benefits, we will lose both. If our values are universal, we must defend them not only in Europe but all over the world.

That is why we are here and we will support you until final victory.